Kendall Yards

Urban by Nature

Few places in the world offer such a striking intersection of urban culture and a stunning natural environment. Just a 5-minute stroll along the Centennial Trail from downtown, you can eat, shop, live and play with a stunning view of the Spokane River Gorge and osprey soaring overhead.

Kendall Yards has transformed the north bank of the Spokane River into a unique shopping, dining and living experience adjacent to Downtown Spokane.  This unique district masterfully integrates shops, restaurants, homes and gathering places for a true sense of connection. Explore Spokane’s premier urban neighborhood.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do here: environmentally-sound building practices, walkable urban design—even collecting our stormwater for reuse. Every day, we invest in the enduring vibrancy of our community. Public art celebrates our history and culture. Community events strengthen our relationships. Parks and open spaces provide gathering places for active lifestyle and experiencing nature. A true reflection of Spokane’s innovative culture, our homegrown businesses source local food, offer local products and support local families.

Master Plan Update Files

Kendall Yards

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