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Letter From CEO

Letter From CEO

"Now" is the Time to Buy a House

I've been keeping a close watch on the housing market for over 30 years and I have never seen better conditions for buying a house. Historic low interest rates, low home prices and good selection in great neighborhoods have come together to create the best "buyer" market in decades.

The selection of new and existing homes that exists today in a variety of great neighborhoods like Liberty Lake, Indian Trail and South Hill is remarkable. Because you have lots of options you can take time to find the neighborhood and home that is right for you and your family

Home prices are now very affordable. We are four years from the peak of the market and prices have stabilized in the best neighborhoods as demand starts to return.

Interest rates are unbelievably low. But rates aren't low because of natural market conditions; rates are artificially low because the government is reducing interest rates and buying treasury bonds to stimulate the economy by creating favorable credit conditions. The rates we have today aren't sustainable long term. The one thing we do know is that rates can't go much lower because there is not much more room for them to drop. Today 30 year fixed mortgage rates are around 4.25%.

Buying a home not only is the best path to creating wealth for your family, it also provides that place where memories are made. If you have thought about buying a home, now is the time to act.

Greenstone is doing more innovative things than ever to create great value in a new home. Our commitment to Enriched Living and Lasting Value has not changed. A new Greenstone Home offers these benefits:

  • A home located in one of Spokane's great neighborhoods, with many to choose from.
  • Every home is built to high quality and energy efficiency standards and certified to meet Energy Star and Inland Northwest Built Green construction.
  • Modern and open floor plans with lots of light and flexible living spaces.
  • Street trees and pedestrian trails throughout each community.
  • Neighborhood parks an easy walk from each of our new homes.
  • Affordable prices in a variety of homes styles and types, from townhomes in Kendall Yards to family homes in Liberty Lake

When looking for a new home make sure to visit Greenstone's communities in Spokane, Liberty Lake and North Idaho… our commitment to Enriched Living and Lasting Value can make a difference for your family.

Jim Frank, CEO
Greenstone Homes

Jim Frank

1421 N. Meadowwood Lane, Suite 200
Liberty Lake, WA 99019


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