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New Beginnings


“Greenstone was founded on the principles of shared value and long-term vision. Our mission of “enriched
living” and “lasting value” has real meaning—not only to our customers, but within the broader communities
in which we work. We created the Greenstone Foundation and the “New Beginnings” program to ensure
broad access to resources for underserved populations in our community.”
-Jim Frank, Greenstone Founder

When you buy a Greenstone home, a portion of your purchase price (1/6th of 1%) is contributed in your
name to the Greenstone Foundation’s “New Beginnings” program. In addition, a charitable fee covenant
is placed on the property and when you sell your home, your generosity continues with a contribution
being made by each subsequent seller for the lifetime of the home. Your contribution will combine, with
ours and those of your neighbors, to assist deserving families with education and literacy resources
strengthening our community for years to come.

What happens when I buy my Greenstone home?
Greenstone will make a contribution for education and literacy equal to 1/6th of 1% of your purchase price at
closing and a charitable fee covenant will be placed on the property.

What happens when I later sell my home?
When you sell your home, a charitable contribution of 1/6 of 1% will be made to the Greenstone
Foundation’s “New Beginnings” program from your closing proceeds. Each subsequent Seller of the home
will pay the charitable fee at the time of closing based on the new purchase price—providing a long-term
funding source for local education and literacy programs.

Who benefits from the New Beginnings program?
Greenstone Foundation provides funding to local 501(C)(3) non-profit education and literacy providers,
such as Spark Central, Spokane Guilds’ School, Hope School and Gizmo, who then administer services.

How much is “1/6th of 1%” and how does that translate to a home purchase price?
Multiply the sales price by 0.00167 to get the total 1/6th of 1% amount. For example, a $200,000 home’s
charitable contribution fee would be $334 ($200,000 x 0.00167 = $334). 

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