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Building Enriched Living & Lasting Value in the Inland Northwest

Greenstone CEO and His Family

A Note From Our CEO

For 35 years, we have built our homes and neighborhoods as an expression of how our residents want to live. We’ve put thoughtful attention into creating infrastructure that fosters community. Each community and home is designed around how spaces, big and small, enrich your wellbeing.

I live in a Greenstone community because I am truly passionate about the work we are doing. It’s a place where I’ve chosen to raise my family. It’s where we share life experiences with our friends. I’m close to the things I enjoy. The park, the farmer’s market and nature trails are steps from my front door.

There’s something really special about a place where neighbors are friends and life bustles through peaceful, tree-lined streets. It’s why I’m so passionate about what we do here. Our residents shape the places they call home into something better than anyone could have planned. Stop by one of our communities and you’ll feel it too.

Joe Frank, President & CEO

High Performance Homes

Live a Healthy, Comfortable and Smart lifestyle in a Greenstone High Performance Home. 


Live in a home that is beneficial in supporting your good health, lowers your carbon footprint and minimizes the toxins surrounding you and your loved ones.


Live in a home that maintains a comfortable interior temperature year round, despite exterior conditions.


Live in a home equipped with features that can be controlled remotely from any internet connected device.

Features that are included.

With every home we build, these features are included because we believe building a home that has less impact on the environment, allows you and your family to live at ease, and can be controlled at your fingertips, should not be an option.

Healthy is the New “Happy.”

ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation)
Gas Tankless Water Heater
Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
Low VOC Paint
Radon Mitigation System
LED Lighting

Bringing Comfortable living Into Every Home.

Blown in Blanket (BIB’s)
Energy Efficient Windows
Advanced Framing
Tight Building Envelope
High Efficiency Heat Pump
Fiber Cement Siding
Cantilevered Trusses

Convenience Gets Better with Smart Homes.

Smart HUB
Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock
Video Doorbell
WiFi Enabled Thermostat
Solar System*

Click below to discover which high performance home features come standard with a Greenstone home.

ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation IconERV (Energy Recovery VentilationThe whole-house ventilation solution to an energy efficient home. We all enjoy fresh air!
Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater IconGas Tankless Water HeaterOA space-saving, on-demand water heater that heats water only when you need it, eliminating standby energy losses you get with a storage tank.
Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures IconLow Flow Plumbing FixturesWater conservation helps preserve the aquifer and keeps your utility bill low.
Low VOC Paint IconLow VOC PaintWater based paints that are low odor, less impactful on air quality, and help reduce allergy causing toxins.
Radon Mitigation System IconRadon Mitigation SystemSystem that extracts radon from the soil below your home and therefore reduces radon levels within your home.
LED Lighting IconLED LightingMore energy efficient and longer lasting light that uses 10w on average, compared to a 60w incandescent bulb.
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Advanced Framing IconAdvanced FramingUsing advanced framing methods optimizes the material used by reducing waste and generating space for better insulated exterior walls. Keep the outdoors out and the indoors in!
Tight Building Envelope IconTight Building EnvelopeTightening a building envelope means less money leaks out in your utility bill and stays in your pocket. It can also improve comfort by reducing undesirable drafts.
High Efficiency Gas Furnace IconHigh Efficiency Heat PumpHeat pumps provide versatile heating, cooling, and humidity control—they move heat outside your home in the summer and pull heat into your home in the winter.
Blown in Blanket (BIB’s) IconBlown in Blanket (BIB’s)In place of the common batt insulation, blown in blanket helps eliminate gaps in the thermal barrier resulting in comfort and savings.
Energy Efficient Windows IconEnergy Efficient WindowsA window 25% beyond code allows your home to be comfortable on those hot summer days, while still allowing warmth from the sun to enter during the cooler winter months.
Fiber Cement Siding IconFiber Cement SidingOne of the toughest siding materials around, it is low maintenance, termite resistant, durable, non combustible, and moisture resistant.
Cantilevered Trusses IconCantilevered TrussesRoof trusses that are built in such a way (when design allows) that improves the overall thermal barrier of the home.
Smart HUB IconSmart HUBThe brains that make your home a connected home. Monitor and control other smart devices while away or at home, all with one App.
Video Doorbell IconVideo DoorbellSee who is at your door from the convenience of your phone or tablet.
Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock IconKeyless Entry Deadbolt LockLet your housekeeper in and out from miles away, or verify that your teenagers did in fact lock the door behind them.
WiFi Enabled Thermostat IconWiFi Enabled ThermostatBeen gone for 2 weeks? Adjust your temperature so it’s not too cold or too hot.
Solar Panels IconSolar PanelsConvert sunlight to electricity, using silicon-based photo-voltaic cells to turn light energy into electric energy.


The solar panels included with Greenstone homes not only offset your energy consumption, they help reduce your energy costs, too. Custom installed by our trusted partner, Northwest Renewables, the 25-year power production warranty provides peace-of-mind protection and service for your investment. The addition of an electric vehicle charger allows you to also charge your car with solar energy.

*Solar system standard in Washington only

Community Connection

Human-Scaled Design

A sense of place resonates in our community spaces. We design our neighborhoods to be human-scaled, not car-scaled. Our streets use traffic-calming methods to reduce vehicle speeds for safe walking and biking.

Parks, Trails & Greenspace

We’ve dedicated hundreds of acres to the comprehensive trail and park systems throughout our communities. Each park has a different feel and character — and locally-made public art celebrates the area’s history.

Tree-lined Streetscapes

Thousands of trees line the streets throughout our communities. Beyond providing a welcoming streetscape that improves over time, our street trees separate sidewalks from traffic for truly walkable neighborhoods.


When we break ground on a new community, we shape the future of that land for a hundred years to come. When we build a home, it’s with longevity, the environment and your family’s health in mind.

By buying a Greenstone home, you give back to your community. Together, we’re making a difference. Through the Greenstone Foundation and our New Beginnings program, we support local non-profit organizations working to make the Inland Northwest a better place to live — for all of us.

New Beginnings Program
Greenstone Foundation

Learn More About Greenstone

Customer Experiences

Urban Living

Ever since Kendall Yards began, I had wanted to live here. I am so happy to be a member of this community. Love the easy access to downtown, my work, and the Centennial Trail.

The Building Process

We had a great experience having Greenstone build us a home in River District. This was our first new construction home and we were very pleased with the way they handled everything. The superintendent was great about keeping the home on schedule and keeping us informed. I always tell people Greenstone is a very trustworthy builder that’s willing to go above and beyond.

The Design Studio

Greenstone has been excellent to work with from start to finish on our townhome in Kendall Yards. Our experience at the Design Studio was exceptional. We have worked with other designers with prior homes and Greenstone’s team is the best — in design ability, upgrades and efficiency.

Greenstone Communities

Greenstone does wonderful things where they develop neighborhoods and build homes — but their service to community is what separates them from the pack. I’ve been loving my Greenstone home for five years now.

First-Time Homebuyers

For us, building our first home, was a truly easy experience with Greenstone’s builders and interior design folks. We recommend them to anyone that is looking to build.

Pre-Sale Homes

We moved into our new Greenstone home in Rocky Hill in 2016 and couldn’t be happier! From the initial process — picking our lot, choosing our floor plan, working with the Design Studio and watching the progress of our new home being built — to moving in, Greenstone delivered on every aspect. We are very proud to say that we own a Greenstone home. From my family to yours, thank you!

Customer Care

I have been in my new Greenstone home at Eagle Ridge since 2014 and am very happy with my decision. My neighborhood is safe, my home is well built and any minor issues have been responded to promptly and professionally. I would definitely recommend Greenstone.

Moving In

We’ve been in our new, beautiful home for a few weeks now and couldn’t be more grateful! From start to finish, the Greenstone staff/experts and our realtor collaborated to ensure our needs were met and that everyone was on the same page. We received consistent updates throughout the build process and any question or concern we had was addressed immediately. Two thumbs up, #GreenstoneHomes!

Welcome Home!

We had a fantastic experience with our new home. We absolutely recommend Greenstone’s homes and communities to everyone we know.

Welcome to Greenstone. Welcome Home.

Don’t be shy. Get in touch! Whether you’ve already selected a home or just begun to dream, we look forward to hearing from you. Each step of the way, we’re committed to building the lifestyle you want, the community you love and the quality you deserve.

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