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Home Warranty

Your new Greenstone home is equipped with the best warranty in the Inland Northwest home building industry. View, download or print our Customer Service Manual for all the information you need to maintain your new home — and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


A Guide for New Homeowners


Why do my exterior garage lights only come on at dusk?

Some homes include a sensor called a photocell that turns certain exterior lights on at dusk and off at dawn.  This is a feature you can add as an option if it isn’t included with your home purchase.

Why do I have light switches in my home that don’t turn on any lights?
Those switches are called “half-hots.” They are installed to allow you to manually bring power to a given outlet. Most homeowners plug lamps into these outlets so they can be controlled by the light switch.


How do I maintain my exterior frost-free hose bibs?
When fall/winter comes, please make sure to remove all attachments from the hose bib. The frost-free hose bib design is set to pull any remaining water in the pipes 12-15” into the wall to decrease the chance of freezing pipes.
How often should I stain my exterior non-painted wood?
Do I need to seal my driveway?
Per the Customer Service Manual, you should seal your driveway annually. This will aid in protecting it against scaling due to fertilizers, freezing temperatures, de-ice materials from city streets, etc.
Is the marbled color on my driveways normal?
This discoloration is known as “efflorescence,” which does occur regularly to some degree on driveways. This is a white powdery substance composed of water-soluble salts that are brought to and deposited on the surface when water evaporates. Efflorescence does fade over time. This is simply a product of doing concrete work in the Northwest.
Can I make changes to my house and landscape once I move in?
Yes. However, all changes must be approved by the Home Owners Association (HOA). To submit a request, please write up what you are asking, attach any drawings or pictures, and send your request to your HOA.
Am I responsible to maintain the trees planted in front and back of my home?
Yes, you are responsible to maintain trees once you move in. Neglect of the trees could result in a cost of replacement charged to homeowners.
How often must I test my home's backflow and report it to the city or water department?

Homeowners are responsible for paying someone annually to test their home’s backflow and report it to the city or water department.


Is there a warranty on the fixtures in my home for first owners such as appliance, carpet etc.?
Greenstone Homes, LLC holds no warranties as to any appliance, fixture, carpeting or other consumer items installed in your home. We will, however, make sure the manufacturer addresses any issue that may arise within the one year warranty period. After the one year warranty period, please contact the subcontractors directly for warranty issues.
How long is the warranty on my Greenstone Home?
Greenstone Homes, LLC offers a one-year limited warranty to the construction elements of your home. This warranty only applies to first owners buying directly from Greenstone.
When should I call a sub-contractor directly from my Customer Service Manual?

Within the first year of your warranty, you should call a subcontractor directly if you experience an emergency involving your plumbing system, HVAC system, electrical system, or a roof or siding leak.

Note: After calling the sub-contractor, please go to and submit a Customer Service Request so we can follow up on this issue. If it is discovered that the failure was caused by the homeowner directly or indirectly, you will be charged the standard service charge for the call.

May I call in a request?
All requests must be in writing. This is to keep a record of the request and to be able to provide a timely and accurate response. Please submit all Customer Service Requests through our online form on this page. Alternatively, you may also fax your request to: 509-458-5862.


Should I seal the grout in my home?
No. The grout used in your home is a superior grout that does not require sealing. It is also resistant to typical food stains and most household chemical products.
How often should I change my weather stripping around my doors?
This will vary per home, but as a rule, check it at least once a year. If you start seeing daylight around your doors due to the weather stripping wearing down, you should change it.

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