The Design Studio by Greenstone

The Design Studio

A home is personal. It’s where you find inspiration for each day. And when all feet are under the table, it’s where you make your most treasured memories. At the Design Studio, you can start choosing designer finishes for your pre-sale home now. Touch and compare hundreds of product samples: paint colors, lighting, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, countertops, cabinets and more. 

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Visit Our Design Studio Open House:
Wednesday · 3pm-7pm
Friday · 10am-4pm
Saturday · 9am-2pm

Driving Directions:
Take I-90 to Liberty Lake Exit 296. Travel East on Appleway and turn right at Meadowwood. The Design Studio is located on the ground floor at west end of the building: 1421 N. Meadowwood Lane, Suite #110.

Discover your design style.

Choose from hundreds of options for every detail of your home, from exterior paint colors to backsplash tiles. Explore our design styles to find an aesthetic that suits your taste — or, mix and match to create your own personal style.


A contemporary house is not afraid of color. Bright, contrasting hues and stark black and white are both often found in this interior design style. Contemporary decorating ideas always evolve to stay on top of what’s new.


Transitional homes revamp a classic foundation with popular finishes, colors and materials. They stick with neutral colors simple lines and small, trendy details.


Gracious and inviting, a traditional home evokes images of understated elegance and offers the warmth and classic comfort many remember from childhood homes.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Design Studio

Please go over your plans carefully and read all of the documents that are provided to you at your Orientation Meeting. The following items are common questions that we encourage you to review to set yourself up for success as you begin your homebuying journey.

Is it okay to bring my agent with me to my Design Studio appointments?

Yes, we encourage you to invite your agent to be present at all of your meetings. For your pre-construction meeting, it’s mandatory for your agent to attend.

As I prepare to make my final selections, how many times can I go to the Design Studio to explore my options?

In addition to your one-on-one Design Studio Orientation Appointment, we host open house hours at the Design Studio three days a week. During the open house, you are welcome to stop by to peruse the selections we offer and weigh out your options. We encourage you to take as much time as you need to explore the available options in the weeks leading up to your Pre-construction Meeting. It’s incredibly important for you to have your decisions ready in advance.

Does Greenstone allow minor custom changes to the home plan?

While we love seeing how our buyers personalize their homes and truly make it their own based on what they select, unfortunately, we do not offer customization at all. There are wonderful, life-tested options available on our option price list (including changes to rooms, layouts, and special features) and in the Design Studio, but no changes outside of that scope is allowed. What may seem like a minor change outside of our offerings is actually a thoughtfully designed architectural feature and not as simply moved as you would imagine. Additionally, our home plans are permitted based on the options selected per each home.

What advice do you have for budgeting? How do I find out how much things cost at the Design Studio?

Create a budget! Whether you are a cash buyer or you are pre-approved with a lender for a certain amount, you should set a target price that is ideal for your monthly budget. Knowing how much money you have to work with will help you prioritize the upgrades and options you select at the Design Studio. On-site staff maintains up-to-date pricing lists for each material offered. We encourage you to visit the Design Studio multiple times to get estimated pricing for flooring, tile, etc. that’s specific to your home plan.

Can I bring my kids with me to the Design Studio?

While we love children, our Design Studio can be a dangerous place for young hands and unfortunately our space doesn’t accommodate strollers. Please arrange for outside childcare while you visit the Design Studio and at your final pre-construction meeting. Thank you for understanding.

If I don't really know what I'd want to pick out for my home's finishes, where should I start?

Go visit as many Greenstone model homes as you can! The best resource Greenstone offers for buyers who are looking for inspiration on what to select for the interior finishes of their new home is our models. In addition to exploring the different communities and floor plans we offer, you’ll get to see a wide variety of quality finishes that are hand-curated by our professional designers for each model home. Typical model home open house hours are: Thursday-Monday from Noon-4pm or by appointment.

Another helpful tip is to visit the Design Studio’s Pinterest page or look at Houzz for ideas on tile layouts, straight set, herringbone, brick set, etc. Save the images you like and collect the design ideas that appeal to you. You can show these to our designers who will be happy to guide you through the process of creating a similar space in your new home.

Visit the Design Studio

Our professional design team is here for you every step of they way.

Open House

Just dreaming? Visit the Design Studio during Open House hours:

Wednesday  ·  3pm – 7pm
Friday  ·  10am – 4pm
Saturday  ·  9am – 2pm

Private Orientation

Available by appointment for our pre-sale customers under contract to explore personalization options for their home prior to their pre-construction meeting.

Pre-Con Meeting

New pre-sale homeowners are scheduled for a private appointment to select their personalization options before their home construction begins.